April 14, 2011

ARTHUR movie review

if you have billions of dollars in hand, what would you do? for Arthur (Russel Brand), who is the sole-heir in a business empire, trashes his wealth out to the people around. and this includes party, alcohol and sex. bringing shame to his family, his mother arranged a marriage for him and another business heir, Susan (Jennifer Garner) and in return, Arthur has to brush off his childishness.

but along the way, he finds an average girl named Naomi (Greta Gerwid) who opened the doors to Arthur of living a simple life. Arthur then realizes what he has been missing and eventually fell in love with Naomi.

to save the business empire, Susan has a lot to work on Arthur to push through with the marriage. even to lie to herself that Arthur doesn't like her. desperate measures to have a share in Arthur's coming wealth when they get married.

but in all of this, Arthur's nanny, Hobson (Helen Mirren), is the only person that can understand him. she thinks that Arthur is a strong person and in how we see Arthur, he is worth loving for. too bad that she had to die before the story ends but this has made Arthur live on his own and grow up as a man. i love her character as i wish that there could be more like her -- who understands you in whatever you do and supports you.

it's so good to be like Arthur. but we have to remember the consequences and responsibilities as a person, whether we'll be rich or poor. mixed up with a lot of humor but it brings back the lesson to you at the end.

Arthur opens on April 23 in the Philippines, distributed by Warner Bros Pictures, a Warner Bros Entertainment Company.

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