February 8, 2011

BLACK SWAN movie review

BLACK SWAN reflects the story of ballerinas who dream about getting the big role in the famous rendition of The Swan Lake. here, Natalie Portman is Nina Sayers, a girl wishing for the role but apparently didn't get it. instead she tried so hard to the extent of losing herself, particularly her mind.

getting in to the title role brings the "Diva Complex" in the ballerina. aside from being the star of the show, they want to be everything. they want all the attention and don't want to lose it. that's why they go beyond the partnership between the big people in the industry. a little discreet prostitution in there.

at first, Nina is a sweet woman and will do everything straight and she wants it to be the result of hard work. but then, she discovers the reality in the industry and tries to give in. but she enjoyed the prize of fame.

BLACK SWAN gave me a psychological terror. it really freaked me out but it was a very good movie. i just can't seem to look at blood and how it drips from the body. there are also very scary scenes that grossed me out but very well executed for the effectiveness of the story. especially when Natalie Portman twists her joints and cracks her bones.

Natalie Portman is worthy of an award in this movie. with the training that she underwent to give her best in the movie, she deserves more than a standing ovation. in cinematography, it has an old feeling like some other art films and makes you really follow the story of the lead. then you will be drawn by the emotions of the mood of every scene. even the make up of the black swan is very fierce!

the BLACK SWAN will be in theaters starting Feb 9, 2011 by Fox Searchlight.

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