December 16, 2010

ROSARIO review

one of the entries in this year's Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) is a must-watch for all movie enthusiasts. first-timer Cinemabuhay and Studio 5 gives a period-film entitled Rosario starring Jennylyn Mercado in the title role. the film will draw lines in cinema houses starting December 25 and expected to win awards on the night of December 26.

award-winning talents are gathered in this film. powerhouse cast includes Yul Servo (Vicente), Dennis Trillo (Alberto) and Sid Lucero (Carding) as the men who loved Rosario. Albert Martinez, who is an award-winning talent himself, directs the movie.

Rosario is based on a true story about a liberated woman who falls on the traps of love of different men. every relationship is a devastating ending which made Rosario dropped her knees into suffering. her story is narrated by his son, Hesus (Dolphy) who comes to meet one of his nephews played by business-icon Manny V. Pangilinan.

i believe that the following should be won by this movie:

Best Cinematography - the movie is primarily set in the tobacco plantation in Isabela where Rosario met her first love, Vicente. it is staged in the early 1900's when the Philippines is under the American influence and transitioning from the Spanish era. we are drawn into that period and this movie helped us feel the provincial atmosphere. we are also drawn in the early Manila setting in the latter part of the movie. Manila is quite spacious yet and there's minimal informal settlers but poverty has it's place.

Best Actress - no doubt that Jennylyn Mercado is a strong contender in the Film Fest. being the title role, her face matches the era where the movie is set. her beauty is regal and she portrayed the other face of liberated women during that time. emotions from a lady and a mother really flowed out of her which made the movie very effective.

Best Musical Score - reflective music compliments the timing and the emotions of Rosario all throughout.

Best Supporting Actress - Isabel Oli as Carmen is a typical provinciana who envies Rosario. when everything turned upside down for Rosario, Carmen laughed it out making her the contrabida in the movie. but all of it has reasons.

Best Supporting Actor/s - Dolphy, Yul, Dennis and Sid played very vital roles in Rosario's life. they are all part of happiness, despair and vanity of Rosario which made it very colorful and how it made Rosario deal with life.

Best Screenplay - the entirety of the movie is very moving. you will pity Rosario on how she moved on every after relationship when all she had is love.

Best Director - there will be no good movies like this until an award-winner puts his craft. kudos to Albert Martinez.

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  1. lahat pinag-isipang maigi. bangis nito :D

  2. it's a must see film of the year at sa darating na MMFF.. Panalo ito sure... trailer pa lang maeenganyo ka nang panoorin... Excited na akong mapanood ang Rosario dahil sa lahat ng kalahok ngayong taon sa festival, ang nasabing movie ang mayroong malamang mensahe... Hahakot ito ng awards sa awards night at malakas talaga ang laban ni Jennylyn Mercado para sa best actress...

  3. ang gnada tlaga ng movie na 'to !! a must-watch movie of the decade :)

  4. nasa Rosario pala si Mang Pidol? Olats ang MMFF... Tanging Ina lang napanood ko sa batch na ito.

  5. @aajao: oo sya yung tumandang anak ni Rosario. sya narin nagkwento ng buhay nya.

  6. cool. sana ganun na lang ang tema din ng LAST movie ni Pidol. hindi magandang exit movie yung Father Jejemon, IMO lang naman.

  7. e parang pilit lang ung jejemon e. hindi nya deserve ung role na yun.


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