September 14, 2010

what do you remember from the 80s?

i was born in 1984 that's why i can consider myself as an 80's baby. even now, i'm still a baby (insert thunders and lightnings here). when i was born, the Philippines was having a political crisis. but then as a child, our elders didn't show it to us for us not to create fear.

in spite of the tension in the country, kids enjoy themselves watching TV. 80s is also the revolution of music and arts. the most colorful yet. cute cartoon characters like the Care Bears, Rainbow Brite, Sesame Street, Ghost Busters, action-packed Voltron and Mr. T, and TV sitcoms like Alf, The Wonder Years, all draw children to homes and stay.

the merchandising on businesses is also at its peak. i got toys from food packs and even promo coupons. i really love the 80s.

80s served a great inspiration. also defining love. and from that era, a movie was made and even inspired a theater musical. thank you to Adam Sandler for getting the inspiration that will be on Manila stage starting October 23!

9Works Theatrical brings us the comedy-musical THE WEDDING SINGER. starring Gian Magdangal as Robbie Hart, which was played by Adam Sandler in the movie. Iya Villaña as Julia which was Drew Barrymore in the movie. the other casts are also 80s babies and most of them share the same memories.

THE WEDDING SINGER is set on stage starting October 23 to November 17 at Meralco Theater. you can visit their website for ticket inquiries.

if you've been following them on Facebook, you can find webisodes and take a peek on what's happening on the rehearsals. bonding time, singing clips and more.

here's a glimpse of what to expect in the show. the sound and colors in twisted comedy line round up the hit musical.

Grow Old With You - Gian Magdangal and Iya Villaña

If I Told You - Gian Magdangal and Shiela Valderama-Martinez

It's Your Wedding Day - Cast

to reserve your tickets, you can look it up here.

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