September 22, 2010


the story of The Legend of the Guardians talks about how Soren became a hero and one of the Guardians of the sacred tree in Ga'Hoole. based on Kathryn Lasky book, we follow the epic journey of Soren.

dreamer as he be, his brother Kludd resists this and gets into practicality and being realistic. one day as they were practicing to fly, they fell on the ground and ended up kidnapped by the Pure Ones. then they knew that the legends are true and the Pure Ones have something planned to destroy the Guardians.

Kludd, jealous of his brother who is a positive-dreamer, joined the Pure Ones and even kidnapped their own sister to be with the Pure Ones. kidnapped owlets gets "moonblinked" and before they knew it, they are following the orders of the evil owls to take over the whole owl kingdom. and that's what Soren's mission is - to save the innocent from the dark plans of the Pure Ones.

the road might not be easy for Soren to get to the sacred tree of Ga'Hoole. however, he found new friends that helped him to rescue his brother and the other owlets. this epic journey may not be too successful for Soren to save Kludd but he is able to stop the plans of the Pure Ones.

this story inspires all those who will watch it to bring an open-mind, believe in dreams and to have a strong will for sacrifice. this also opens the curios mind of why owls get moonblinked and the variety of owls in the cast.

CGI is well-crafted and best to see in 3D for effects. kids and adults will love the cute owlets and will be able to tell the differences in the different species of owls. a good scientific and literary piece for the whole family.

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole takes flight in cinemas starting September 24. distributed by Warner Bros Pictures, a Warner Bros Entertainment company.

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