August 3, 2010


TV and the online community created a buzz on this Mystery Shampoo. many have guessed it as it was pretty obvious in terms of the product design and campaign style that it is no other than PANTENE -- still the best in shampoo and conditioner in the industry.

prior to the reveal, women have tried this mystery shampoo for 14 days and it indeed gives amazing results. hair fall is reduced, softer, smoother and shinier hair even before 14 days. that's great result. this mystery shampoo changed these ladies lives and made them commit to what the new Pantene Pro-V shampoo and conditioner has to offer. based on a consumer test conducted in Thailand*, 8 out of 10 women loved the result given by Pantene Pro-V and promises to stick to it.

Total Care, Glossy Shine and Hair Fall Control

ladies who tried the mystery shampoo shared their stories using Pantene Pro-V. not only they enjoyed the results, it solved hair problems like annoying split ends, dull, frizzy and unmanageable hair, and lack of shine. all of these problems were fixed by taking the Pantene 14-day challenge.

local celebrities loved the effects of Pantene Pro-V. famous Kapamilya Stars, Erich Gonzales and Andi Eigenmann encouraged everyone to try it to believe it. hair fall is reduced even with the stroke of the hand -- reduced hair fall and shiny hair really gets you in the scene.

adding to the list of ambassadors of great hair from Pantene is Kapuso star, Carla Abellana who admits that she uses Pantene since then. and it really shows at her straight and shiny hair that Pantene is taking care of it. so the damages that styling puts into her hair, Pantene will take care of it.

* based on a 2008 test conducted

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