August 7, 2010

hard to find addresses

i don't have a good sense of direction with unfamiliar places especially when it's my first time. thanks to the technology of SMS that i can get to the place i wanted to in the easiest way. when i am a bit lost, i look for the large street name and look for a nearby policeman that can help me with the directions.

for example is when i am trying to look for the office of a company for an interview. i was in this street where almost no public transportation available. taxi cabs are reliable at this time. when we get to the street, we look for the address plaques. it's easier to find numbers when you are a bit lost. the address plaque was so big so there is no way that doubt that is the right place.

another thing is when we are looking for a place to prepare for a party. sometimes all we have is a calling card to contact the person in charge of the place. great places are always in the hidden areas. and address signs help us a lot with directions. another benefit of having an address sign is that meetings are never delayed, and time is maximized when you get on time. sometimes i think of hanging one at home myself.

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