July 26, 2010

SALT movie review

Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie) is a CIA agent which is a Russian spy undercover assigned to kill the Russian president during his visit at the United States. trained and carefully planned by her colleagues, she was fortunate enough to do her job.

but on the other hand, she was also being used by radical Russian ambition to take over and gain power against American power by threatening international security. since she is an asset to the group, they kidnapped and killed her husband as lure to bring her back. but Salt had other plans in mind.

thus, Evelyn Salt has to take herself into exile from the security measures to keep herself alive and bring justice to her husband.

Sony International Pictures packed Salt with extreme action stunts done by Angelina Jolie herself. honestly i wasn't that satisfied seeing Salt. but it is way too far as they wanted to achieve that James Bond appreciation. Lara Croft will still be a better movie for Jolie in terms of action. i expected even more extreme action but from what you see in the trailer, those i think are the best parts. story wise, it was like any other police or CIA or FBI or INTERPOL chases halting terrorist threats.

if you want to see SALT, it opens on July 28, 2010 in theaters nationwide by Sony International Pictures.

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