July 8, 2010


environmental care is a really big issue in these times especially when we see the effects of global warming in front of our eyes. starting from the depletion of the Ozone Layer in the atmosphere, the extinction of species, great floods, and the fall of the glaciers and ice caps in the northern hemisphere. even Al Gore has enumerated these situations in his documentary The Inconvenient Truth.

thus the campaign to stop or reverse global warming has become a worldwide concern informing everyone to take care of the environment as well as to conserve the natural resources. that we have one chance to save the planet and let the future generations enjoy the clean and safe environment. you might think that technology degrades the environment, think again.

with all the fads on the environmental awareness campaigns all over the world, Canon Marketing Worldwide has been doing eco-friendly activities even before them. starting from the production of its products, Canon has been designing and developing machines that are bio-safe from the raw materials until it lasts. they are using biodegradable materials so it would reduce wastes in the dump site.

for one thing, instead of throwing your ink cartridges to the waste bin, Canon is bringing the bin to the metro so that you can send those empty cartridges to the recycling factory. again, reducing the raw materials being used for production.

here in the Philippines, Ms. Earth candidates serve as ambassadors for environmental awareness and care. they promote the programs Canon is using to help protect and conserve the environment. in the launch of the program held in TGI Fridays in Bonifacio High Street in Global City, Taguig, these programs are laid out to the media to increase the promotions as well.

see more of the Canon environmental programs at http://www.canon.com/environment/

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