June 10, 2010

VOIZBOYS serenades with first album

newest male group VOIZBOYS sets the romantic mood in Eastwood City Central Park during the launch of their first album, Fusion on June 10 2010.

Voizboys includes PBB ex-housemate Tom Rodriguez, Pinoy Dream Academy first runner-up Jay-R Siaboc, TVC model-turned-DJ Guji Lorenzana and Nico Antonio who hails from a family of scientists and lawyers. the four have been brought together by director and talent manager, Johnny "Mr. M" Manahan. he believes in the charisma and the musicality of the four. the four had distinct musicality and a perfect balance can be seen as nobody overshadows the others.

Fusion includes seven original tracks and 3 revivals. 6 of which are group songs and each talent has his own solo. Sinta and Kakaiba Ka by Vehnee Saturno, Todo Na by Joven Tan, Tom's Pwede Na, Stop the World by Yugel Losorata, Anghel Ko by Lucien Lataba and Jojo Panaligan's In Love Again. The Rainmakers member, Mon Villanueva composed You and Me and Maria Clara, plus a song by Louie Ocampo and Ogie Alcasid, Sana'y Malaman Mo.

Fusion is now available for only Php 250 at your favorite record outlets produced by Quantum Music Philippines.

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