June 17, 2010

TOY STORY 3 movie review

a story of letting go and moving on is delivered in the third installment of TOY STORY -- Andy goes to college and asked to bring stuff only that he needs. so the toys will be left in the attic and will wait for a long time until Andy or someone else would play with them again. incidentally, Andy misplaced the toys other than Woody into a trash bag and then they ended up in the garbage dump. trying to get back to Andy and Woody might be very easy.

but it wasn't finish yet. Andy had to donate them into daycare where kids are toys' bestfriend. Buzz, Jessie, Slinky, the Potatoheads, the Aliens and even Barbie never knew that they are up to something they don't like. thanks to Lotso - a purple, furry plushie bear that smells like strawberries. he and the other toys have given them a warm welcome but they are really up for a dangerous stay. the only one lucky among them is Barbie, finding her partner Ken in the daycare that likewise conspires with Lotso. you will be amazed how Barbie would think for herself.

Woody, not within the perimeters of the daycare has managed to help his pals but later on caught by Lotso and the gang. in their pursuit to escape, they again ended up to the garbage dump and almost turned themselves into ashes.

this is the best TOY STORY movie ever in the series. you will be truly entertained in the funny antics of Buzz, the cute toy scenes, get cheesy over Barbie and Ken, and discover true friendship and treasure them. there's a lot of lessons in store in TOY STORY 3.

i literally cried in pity for the toys in a scene. they had this special thing that bonded them together and they knew that they are there for each other. we want to have that for everyone right? real life wouldn't be so bad at all.

there's also a lesson in moving on. you have to notice and learn how to sacrifice one thing and that you are open for another. that's how the other toys showed Woody that you can't always have the one thing you are comfortable with.

Walt Disney and Pixar brings Toy Story 3 in Philippine theaters starting today. June 17. see it also in IMAX theaters.

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