June 25, 2010


i remember June 25th as the mark of the death of one of my idols, MICHAEL JACKSON. i believe everyone wishes that he is still alive right now. making new songs, inspiring musicians and reviving the spirit in each and everyone of us. well, it seems that he still does right now. people have been commemorating his existence, the life, the poetry, the music and the moves. no one ever did it like Michael Jackson.

he even got sales after his death. most people cried over his funeral. his movie, THIS IS IT has made millions in theaters and even in copies. upto this date, he continues to influence the youth that doesn't even lived in his prime years. one great thing is that he tried to bring discipline to the CEBU DANCING INMATES who danced to his songs in synchronized and orderly manner.

truly, Michael, you are missed. but you still live in everybody's hearts.

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