June 2, 2010

Jaden Smith stars in THE KARATE KID

Jaden Smith, whose turning 12 this year and son of Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith, stars in a new adaptation of the 80's martial arts flick, THE KARATE KID. joined by Asian martial arts superstar, Jackie Chan, he discovers and unravels secrets to discipline, self defense and honor.

Jaden Smith was once seen in heart-thumping Pursuit of Happyness with his father. now, he takes on the spotlight in Karate Kid. in this story, he plays Dre Parker -- a popular kid in his hometown in the US but was taken to China by his mom to do her career. with the new environment and cultural differences, Dre has managed to earn friends and worse, enemies. Chinese classmate bullied him which got the attention of the school maintenance, Mr. Han (Jackie Chan). secretly, Mr. Han is a Kung Fu master and then taught Dre the art.

the movie was predominantly shot in China so expect to see majestic Chinese environment like The Forbidden City, the Great Wall, Wudang Mountain, Qi Xi Festival and Beijing.

see how Jaden takes on his journey through China and be amazed by his high-flying kicks and punches. THE KARATE KID opens in the Philippines on June 11 2010 distributed by Columbia Pictures International.

photos courtesy of Columbia Pictures

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