May 1, 2010

The Philippine Stock Exchange

i got a chance to enter the Philippine Stock Exchange yesterday. thanks to the invitation to Colayco Foundation for Education's Investability Seminar that gave us an overview on investing and of course, the Philippine Stock Market.

i never thought understanding the Stock Market would be very easy. it's just like the regular marketplace where the difference is, you're going to buy a part-ownership of a big company or if your budget is higher, you can buy more stocks. there are about 250 registered companies in the PSE and about 130 accredited brokers that would help you buy or sell these stocks.

we got a tour around the Trading Room and the gallery of the PSE memorabilia. the panels that you see with those scary numbers shouldn't be feared of. it consists of 7 panels consisting of the company names, highest selling amount, lowest selling amount, the number of stocks traded, the L/T (sorry i forgot what it stands for) and two others. haha. i'll let you know when i come back there.

the Philippine Stock Market opens every 9AM and closes 12nn or upto 1210PM. the PSE bell is sounded to open and close the trading session. if the bell rang at noon, the pricing will stop but trading will continue following the closing price.

opening an account at the PSE
there's no standard price of opening an account at the stock market. besides, this is investing. if you can also invest in the time, that would also be good. it is also not advisable to have many brokers as you want, ONE GOOD BROKER would be enough. and you can start for as low as Php 5000 depending on the price of the stocks that you have to buy. good decision making is also required so that your investment will not go to waste.

this morning is the annual stockholders' meeting. so if you have stocks in the PSE, you will surely get that returns if the investments are good for last year. ;)

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