May 2, 2010

I touched KELLY CLARKSON's hand!

i know that it's really overacting to broadcast my title of this post. but last night's concert was the best ever that i've attended! and being a Kelly Clarkson fan, i'm so glad that i was able to see the one-night show.

at first me and my friend were just seated at the staff lounge waiting for the concert to start. thanks to our reliable FOH IDs that we are accommodated nicely by the production. celebrity sightings on ZsaZsa Padilla and daughter Karylle and long-time couple Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles at the VIP / Patron section of Araneta Coliseum. Robbie Domingo did his feature gig for MYX Channel.

the concert started at exactly 8PM with Miguel Escueta and his band doing the front act. after the set, a 30-minute break to accommodate more incoming audiences. by 9PM, it's lights out then Kelly Clarkson walks in and started singing All I Ever Wanted.

a lot of people rushed and gathered in front of the stage reaching for Kelly. me and my friend stayed by our seats but we stood cheering up for our idol. after a few songs, we are able to get really RIGHT IN FRONT OF KELLY HERSELF! i tried to reach out her hand and she was nice enough to reach back. i thought i would really faint. hehehe. and my friend also touched her hand.

as from my previous post, all songs that i've listed were sang except for A Moment Like This. and her finale was My Life Would Suck Without You. really, that night didn't suck. and for 1 and half hours of Kelly music, the line up was cool and i had the time of my life.

here is one of Kelly Clarkson's songs from last night:

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  1. swerte naman... I was there too at Lower Box nga lang. hehe oh I so love Kelly Clarkson. Great concert!

  2. @survivormuch: oo dpa rin ako makaget over. hahaha

  3. naks! kinanta yun behind this hazel eyes?

  4. uh, nakaka-inggit. I'm a fan but I haven't watched it, hope I'll make it next time.

  5. @Pao Maulanin: yup sana nga may next time. :)

  6. ang galing nung I WANT YOU number noh?! Actually I can't choose my most favorite number from that concert kasi lahat maganda...hahahaha I love Sober, Cry, Behind These Hazel Eyes, I want You, All I ever Wanted, Since you've been gone...aynako lahat na nga...hehe :) I love Kelly talaga.....sana bumalik uli sya. can't get over din ako.

  7. @survivormuch: hahahaha pareho tayong may hang-over


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