May 7, 2010


Freddy Krueger will raise the hell out of you in Michael Bay's remake of the 1980's NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. Freddy takes on his revenge to the former students of Springwood Kindergarten by telling the abuse of "trusted" school gardener to Nancy. unfortunately, all the other students were brainwashed by their own parents to forget the traumatic experience they had with Freddy.

i don't know what's happening in Hollywood horror movies. the movie didn't really had that scary appeal unlike the movies before. i haven't seen the original Nightmare movie and this remake didn't give me the spooks that i will take to my sleep. it only had this surprising moments that i laughed at.

maybe my friends were right. digital enhancing spoiled the movie. well, the craftsmanship was good in cleaning the movie effects but it didn't posted the message that Freddy Krueger was supposed to be scary.

Nightmare on Elm Street will open in Philippine cinemas starting May 12.

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