March 29, 2010

EVERYBODY'S FINE movie review

due to the advancements in our life today, we sometimes forget some very important but basic things in life. one of them is family. the very people that will listen to us, talk to us and every thing that how one can enjoy life.

i'm so pleased to see EVERYBODY'S FINE. it's about Robert De Niro who plays a father of 4 kids. a very special gathering prepared but all four kids declined to attend. they have provided the best alibis to keep off from their father. all that Robert wants is to see his kids.

the movie discusses tproblem of miscommunication between fathers and kids. most cases we know that children tell more to their mothers and sometimes kids feel that they are pushed too hard for the expectations of their father. for the lesson, children should accept tough love from their father because they also want what's good for them.

if you really miss your family, this is a real tearjerker. you will realize that fathers equally love you when you doubt about it. a lesson that you can say anything to both parents. when i, joriben, flow, ria, earth and iris watched it, we joked that it can be a Maalaala Mo Kaya episode. watch it to know why.

EVERYBODY'S FINE will be shown in Ayala cinemas only starting April 7.

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