December 30, 2009

ZOMBIELAND movie review

when the movie's got rules, i got reasons why you should watch Zombieland. i thought that it was just another zombie-killing movie but it actually taught you how to survive them. you can feel just the excitement of how the characters survived them like it was just a very ordinary thing to live with. you can visualize how gruesome the zombies ate corpses and body parts and how inhumane survivors kill them. even though it was like any other zombie-escaping movie, you would really enjoy this movie.

so here are my reasons - warning on spoilers:
  1. it will take you to nostalgia with Bill Murray as himself carrying Ghostbusters in hand.
  2. watch out how they diss Miley Cyrus.
  3. do you need fitness workouts? try Rule#1: CARDIO
  4. chicks dig guns
  5. it will teach you how to observe traffic rules
  6. know how to kick dumbass zombies while enjoying in the park
  7. Twinkies is essential for survival especially with #3.
  8. hot chicks may dig dorks
  9. there are always nice toys for the big boys
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