December 9, 2009

History Unknown Rediscovered

we have been told that our history is very violent especially when we see those documentaries and photos from the history books. museums and literature expose the darkness that our ancestors experience under the hands of the colonizers. they suffered a lot in pursuit of liberty and our poor ancestors only had bolos and itak to fight against them. while the colonizers had guns and canons to destroy our barracks.

but then, we can not say that we know everything. some stories that are written maybe very different from what our grandpas and grandmas say. let us also take account from firsthand sources like them. others might only just say the wins but not the losses. if we could only see and feel their experiences, we might think that much have been hidden from us. these accounts can be seen at some exhibits and museums around Manila.

Miss Janette Toral has visited these exhibits and shares what she had discovered that are indeed what we really don't know.

visiting the Zero In museums gave her an eye-opener towards the events that would greatly influence those who are able to see it.

other galleries that would educate us are the Ateneo Art Gallery, the Lopez Memorial Museum and the Museo Pambata. these exhibits are ongoing right now featuring the accounts that might enhance and gain more knowledge so we can better understand the history that had been hidden from us.

photos courtesy of Miss Janette Toral

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