December 17, 2009

AVATAR movie review

from Titanic director, James Cameron, comes another titanic movie that not only provides great CGI effects but also great story that is very timely to the global issues we're experiencing today.

AVATAR is a story of ex-marine Jake Sully who has been assigned to do a diplomatic agreement to another world in a form of an avatar, a genetic combination of human and Na'vi genes controlled by human will. the Na'vis are residents of a distant planet, Pandora, which humans are trying to adapt into and get a special mineral for the sustenance of the race. despite the tranquil life of the Na'vis, the humans take over what they want by violent actions and thus the destruction of the Na'vis' home and race.

Jake Sully as an avatar has learned to adapt to the customs and living of the other Na'vis and also had a heart to them. realizing the destruction of the humans to Pandora, he also has learned to defend the peacefulness of the Na'vis.

AVATAR subliminally tackles the issues of racism and global warming. racism in a sense that we should be respectful of the customs and traditions of any group whether we consider ourselves more learned. global warming has also been addressed as whether why humans are trying to find another home invading another planet. the thought that if we should have done our job to protect our planet, we might have not been tearing others apart just for our own consumption.

this is a great movie and better seen on 3D. opens December 17 in the Philippines.

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