November 13, 2009

SP Palau: Amanda Van Cooll is sole survivor!

congratulations to Amanda Van Cooll, a construction worker, for earning the votes of the jury in the concluded Survivor Philippines Palau. a head-to-head match with Justine Ferrer with 4 against 3 votes. another contender in the final 3 was Jef Gaitan earning no votes from the jury.

the breakdown of the votes are as follows:
Amanda - Tara, Suzuki, Shaun, Mika
Justine - Marvin, Charles, Echo
Jef - none

Amanda wins Php 3-million cash and the title of the Sole Survivor.

great stuff will be revealed like funny moments, secrets, as castaways get together again not to outwit, outplay or outlast each other but as friends in the Survivor Philippines Palau: Reunion Special, Sunday night after Show Me the Manny on November 15.

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