September 18, 2009

Yehey gets better!

around the middle of this year, i have been experiencing problems with the Yehey website. i can't access some sites and the only thing that works for me is the forums. though i'm not much into forums, i seldom visit it.

but i thought this will last longer until a great announcement came from the Yehey staff that there is a big CHANGE! i checked it out and amazed with the new look:

the new Yehey site

the site now loads FASTER and there's a lot of additional great features. the Yehey homepage is just a search engine but there's a catch: OKAY! FIND WHATEVER! and the first thing i search is of course, your OHMSKI! with just a fraction of a second, you can find all my posts on the internet.

their sub-sites still include:
  1. STIR.PH

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