September 21, 2009

The Echo hits theaters on Sept 30

Sigaw as it was originally known, Yam Laranas remakes it with a little of Hollywood touch as producer Roy Lee wanted him to do. then The Echo was born. Roy Lee was the person behind the other Asian horror remakes which include The Ring I, II & III (Ringu, 1998, Japan), The Grudge I, II & II (Ju-on, 2000, Japan), The Departed (Mou gaan dou [Infernal Affairs], 2002, Hong Kong), The Lake House (Siworae, 2002, Korea ) and Dark Water (Honogurai mizu no soko kara, 2002, Japan)

in this remake, Iza Calzado plays the victim who haunts Bobby, played by Jesse Bradford, who was staying in the apartment. other modifications in the film were the setting which was done in Manhattan and the reason of why Bobby stays in that apartment. in Sigaw, Bobby has just moved in and so hearing these sounds but never hesitated to leave because of pride. but in The Echo, Bobby is forced to stay because of his criminal record.

Yam Laranas has made this a lot better for all of us to see. The Echo will be showing in cinemas starting September 30.

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