August 1, 2009

August opens Survivor Philippines 2 in Palau!

Palau will be the location of the second season of Survivor Philippines. the show has made its mark on GMA 7 last year with its first ultimate survivor JC Tiuseco.

Palau is a group of islands just 500km from Philippines and consisted of 343 islands. it is a perfect location to the 16 castaways that will play against each other to claim the title of the second ultimate survivor!

Palau has also been chosen by the original Survivor franchise that won an Emmy on 2008 featuring Fans vs Favorites.

Palau also offers natural beauty and a great diving spot of scuba aficionados. the colorful untouched reefs also boasts of "stingless" jellyfish for best appreciation.

catch Survivor Philippines Season 2: Palau on GMA 7 starting August 17!

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