July 8, 2009

KadaKwento: 5 stories of friendship

being inside a group is fun. but each member has differences and stories. KadaKwento is a series of short clips about 5 friends. with differences that everyone has, they still have managed to meet in one spot where they all bind together.

this project is produced by Pelicola.tv and Globe and is released thru new media. so we can catch all episodes with just a click of the mouse at www.globe.com.ph/kadakwento

Dani (Jen Chuaunsu) is an adventurous young traveler who constantly seeks for new adventures. Her story is told by every step she takes to and through various places. With each jouney, she makes it a point to take home a piece of her latest exploration. Dani’s wanderlust is driven by her desire to experience new things; to experience all things that she could. Throughout her travels and experiences, she constantly searches for the one treasure that she will hold dear forever.

Pol (Nicco Manalo) and Penny (Via Antonio) are best friends with contrasting personalities. The more level-headed Pol and the headstrong Penny submit themselves to constant friendly bickering that are resolved by a simple game of “Bato-Bato-Pick”. It is their differences that give their relationship such a strong foundation which result in an understanding all their own. Like constantly clashing children, they always emerge with one winner and loser but always still best of friends.

one last thing, you have to really watch EPISODE 2: PICK and watch for that unusual brand of chocolates by the counter at a convenience store. they are call Shurikan Bars. why Shuriken? found out here in these videos:


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