May 28, 2009

Happy National Flag Day, Philippines!

May 28 is commemorated as the National Flag Day in the Philippines. to remember and pay respects to our National Flag, i would like to take us again to History 101 and the role of the symbol of our country.

the Philippine Flag was designed by the first president of the country, Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo and other leaders. it was sewn by Marcela Agoncillo in Hong Kong. yes, not here in the Philippines but it made its debut on the morning of June 12 1898 -- the proclamation of Philippine independence from the Spanish colony.

the design was tri-color, two bands of blue on top and red at the bottom, an equilateral triangle bearing a sun of 8 rays, symbolizing the eight provinces that revolted against the Spaniards during the great dispute. three stars for Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, the 3 islands of the Philippines. before it had its design as of now, it underwent a lot of studies and evolutions.

the flag is always raised along the singing of Lupang Hinirang, the Philippine National Anthem.

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