May 14, 2009

American Idol 8: May 13 results

Danny Gokey got eliminated May 13 on American Idol thus leaving this season with another man vs man face off between Adam Lambert and Kris Allen.

Gokey has been a strong contender in American Idol but has not successfully made it this week. on the other hand, Lambert and Allen have been included in the bottom rank prior May 13.

IMO, i think Gokey should stay in American Idol. the show may lack some competition factor for i think the final two isn't the same level. true that they both have great singing talents but Danny Gokey is a better competitor to Adam Lambert than Kris Allen.

i'll just hope for a really good American Idol show next week for the finale.


  1. I was happy about this. Kris had been the darkhorse in the competition.. who knew he would make it to the finals?

  2. but i really think that Danny and Adam should be competing in the finals.

    but then, good job for Kris.


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