April 28, 2009

Judy Ann and Ryan Agoncillo -- Totally Unannounced!

it was a good morning opener to know that Judy Ann Santos is now -- MRS. Ryan Agoncillo! the two had tied the knot this morning at 7 attended by exclusively close friends and relatives. a TOTALLY UNANNOUNCED event for the rest of us who are waiting.

Sighted at the wedding were Regine Velasquez, Ogie Alcasid, Paolo Abrera, Suzy Entrata, Sharon Cuneta and husband Senator Francis Pangilinan.

Security at the provincial church was tight and no media was allowed to enter the premises and cover the occasion.

Catch Wowowee, TV Patrol World and SNN later for details on this event.

taken from ABS-CBN.com


  1. actually mas gusto ko na ung ganitong wedding keysa sa circus. Good for them! Congrats! :) Ang mahalaga lang naman sa kasal eh ung ikakasal and family and close friends not everyone in the world lol.

  2. kaya nga. galing talaga nila magtago. lahat naman siguro ng celebrities gusto ganyan para hindi nagkakagulo ang mga tao.

    best wishes to them


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