March 29, 2009

Survivor Philippines Season 2: Ohmski Invasion

i, again, had the nerve to try out for the second season of Survivor Philippines. i attended the 2nd day of the Manila Leg last March 28 2009 at SM North EDSA. this time, the line was more organized and less populated as it was reported before. i went with nherz who is also a Survivor fanatic herself and curious of trying out for the slot of being a castaway.

when i arrived at SM North around 8AM, i immediately headed to the multi-level parking lot at the back of the mall and was given slot number 0827. this time it was more organized and they had prevented those who want to cut the line and overtake people behind. i congratulate the people behind this. at first we had a hard time to look for the end of the queue because it was a long zigzag from the 1st level interview tables. nherz and i got bored so we managed to take a break and stroll around the mall to have out lunch and escape the heat at the parking lot.

when we returned, the line has moved but we managed to remember the people who goes before and after our post. and to keep my mind at peace, i bought food at the kiosks near the line. a special halo-halo from chicken company did help.

i also got the chance to find my friends, zalds and gabz who are also trying their luck to be included at the reality show. i also talked to the people around and share my experience last season as i was also trying out.

i managed to post online plurks about what was happening every moment. posts are found at my plurk account of course.

our batch entered level 1. there were 10 of us interviewed by one. she immediately uttered that Survivor needs a unique character. she cuts those who simply say, "I am determined, blah blah" and when it's my turn to answer, i said that im a blogger and i want to influence minds and that will be my strategy. i was also recognized being a dotcomer and at first i thought if it was bad. but good thing i passed the first level with one from our batch.

slot 8022 was handed to me. nherz also passed for the second level and another person i know. then we went at the SM food court for the second level. Jace, Charisse, Vern, and first sole survivor JC were there to screen aspirants. basically they were asking about the info you said on the first level.

but then Kiko Rustia arrived. the new host of Born to Be Wild, wednesday nights after Saksi. then asked me about Earth Hour. i did all the best i can and answered to the most intellectual manner i could. i think i gave the best answer and they all agreed with me. when we headed backstage, it's sad to say that no one from our batch passed level 2. i don't know what they're talking about and what they are looking for. then i realized that it's a show as mariczar told me. didn't they know that i was on TV several times? lol, first featured in KMJS for the "Pila Republic" case study and a little extra appearances in some shows. lol

i may not have passed this time. i promise next year, a newly-transformed ohmski will get into the 18 castaways! but every audition experience is great.

i will be about to shout SURVIVOR AKO!


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