March 13, 2009

Fish & Bloggers World Tour

NO MEAT should be served on the table during the Lenten Season. it only applies for us Catholics. and fish is a good meat substitute. the Philippines already has more than 101 ways of cooking fish due to it's archipelago structure. but how would you like to taste a new type of serving of a common recipe? try something from overseas, let's say. a simple fish-fillet dish from Malaysia, India, Philadelphia, and Japan. a simple dish is different from other countries. and Fish & Co with Yehey had let us to deliver their Fish and Chips in a variety from the four countries i've mentioned

Fish & Co. is the home of the world-famous Fish and Chips. and as global as the brand name is, their Fish and Chips menu also went around the world! you can differentiate the average Fish and Chips from the Fish and Chips Around the World Platter because it contains the taste that will take the four countries to your mouth.

and as to give that experience, bloggers have been invited to "Prep Up" the platter according to the countries they have been assigned to. and as Yehey have been fond of challenges, once again, a race challenge to shop, chop and decorate the platter of
their assigned country. from the start, bloggers wore sash representing the country they belong and running towards the grocery like pageant contestants in a challenge.

for India, the inspiration came from the Hindu god, Vishnu, which is the god of sustenance, life existence and balance. a yellow flower made from lemon rind is placed on top of the fish fillets as an offering to Vishnu and to maintain balance for everything. Indian dishes are known for having a lot of dips and sidings.

Vishnu Fish Delight

when the contest is over, great presentations are made by bloggers and Philadelphia team won. the plating is filled with cheese and as mouth-watering as it looks.

Philadelphia Fish and Chips

Malaysian and Japanese Fish and Chips

afterwards, a feast of Fish & Co. dishes filled blogger stomachs again with a variety from course meal to desserts.

if you want to try out Fish & Co. dishes, you can visit them at Trinoma, SM Mall of Asia, Shangri-La Mall and Greenbelt 3.

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  1. mas masarap ung Japanese.. hehehe...

  2. may nagsabi sa plurk na nakakagutom daw ung pinost ko from India. :P

  3. pero mas variety ang Malaysian. :))

  4. pero aminin nyo, mas gourmet-style ang sa india. hehe

  5. may maganda ang Malaysia.Daming sili kaya. lol :)

  6. yko ng maraming sili. dko makakain. :P

  7. Ang ganda ng eksplanaasyon ng sa India dapat ayun na nagpanalo dun eh hehehe

  8. oo nga, saka pang high-class ung presentation natin dba?

  9. masaya, masarap at busog lahat weee..cheers! =]

  10. maanghang yong sa philly pero nice ang presentation nila nakakalula parang ang dami2.... Malaysia flavor wise ok lang sya di ko masyado malasahan yong malaysian flavor nya presentation wise ok sya daming anik2 sa gilid eh.... india sensya di ko to natikman ohms kaya wala akong masabi whehehe... presentation gourmet style nga naman sya :) Japan sympre eto ang pinakamasarap :P creative pa ang paggawa :D

  11. good job!!! ganda ng plating ng team India saka yung gumawa nung Rose napaka talented pa.

  12. wow, puro isda.... i like, i like <~wehehehe~>

  13. yeah ang sarap sarap!


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