January 11, 2009

Nanay Zita and Patani nakigimik samin

and so you thought that this was over, right? NOT!

last friday was another castaway-bonding time with dotcomers. this time was with Nanay Zita and Patani who just arrived. meeting place was at Krispy Kreme Mall of Asia although I was a bit late. shame on us, dotcomers, Patani arrived first on the venue. hehehe... they were both harrassed having pictorials with other people before even getting at the rendezvous. and when we arrived, we were surprised having a doughnut, courtesy of Patani ata. our IT department tried to log-on for some chitchat with the online friends. ewan ko nalang kung nakapag-log sila.

and our special guest, Tribo, arrived also late in his sando and jeans. and all the ladies went gaga on him. huy, may asawa na yan. i remember one dotcomer is ready to forget her husband in the presence of Tribo. lol. he wanted to meet some castaways before he went back to Malaysia and after staying here for 4 days. and indeed very thankful that Nanay Zita and Patani grant his wish. GUJAB, dotcomers!

and since we were not being productive at MOA, we decided to go to AnakngTinapa's home at Cainta, of course very much in favor of me for i live nearby, for some videoke session and drinks. Nanay and Patani came too, how sweet. may pa-importante pa nga na hindi nalang daw sila sasama or baka pagalitan sila ng parents, asawa, etc. hehe, you know who you are. so we rented a van and passed by Pasig to get the videoke machine and then went to ANT's home.

who's got talent?
ANT's home is nice and huge. although there's a lot of things there, dotcomers and the castaways were not choosy getting an immersion at any kind of place! in fact, we all felt very at home especially when the videoke turned on. Nanay sang a modern piece while we are all getting emo and jologs at some choice of songs. Nanay's piece got 97 and we tried to beat that. ANT said that it was the highest score so far since I think that machine was bought. hehe... while we are busy at singing, Patani and Zita went online and met other dotcomers on the chatroom. i didn't bother them but i'm sure they had a lot of fun especially with the live streaming. sana lang walang nag-record nun at baka mailabas ang mga kabulastugan namin. hehe... but who's got talent? aby and me! hehehe... reaching 97 from a Top Suzara song, i don't have to get another song. yun na yun e. naka-97 nako. hehe...

speaking of scandalous moves and intrigues... i won't spill anything. abangan nyo nalang sa mga photos and videos. and i witnessed ALL of them. hahaha!

the morning after
the videoke finished at around 6-7AM. yes, that early the next day for everyone was already snoring and has taken their respective places around the house except for me. that's already 24 hours awake! ANT had served us breakfast, thanks ANT and later one by one, the dotcomers get up. the most energized was anne2ken. (e tulugan ba naman kame magdamag). funny was, she didn't remember that she got up in the middle of the night and sang an excerpt of Close to You by Carpenters. and she thought that we just made that up. Patani had a sore throat though she rested too that night.

before leaving, Tribo distributed some chocolates. aww, thanks.

what it feels being with famous people
i know the feeling but not this way. since we are in a subdivision, most people recognized the castaways. in fact, the kids followed us, i mean, sila pala. when we hailed tricycle cabs, one driver was so proud and a little loud ha, that Nanay Zita rode at his cab. whenever he passes at a crowded place, he shouts "O ha, kasakay ko na si Nanay Zita." even saying that he religiously watches SP and his wife is very mad at Marlon. we defended Marlon and said that he is very nice. (Marlon, at dahil dyan, magpainom ka. hehe)

logged off at 9AM arriving at home.

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