January 18, 2009

are cars coming my way?

should i be excited? i have been glancing on car-related sites lately. my previous post also talked about cars and how to choose from the selection. and now, there's a car-info overload and really, i have been getting a lot of stuff. i'm a hands-on person but bit by bit, i was getting a little more informative about it. at first, i only knew about the famous models and brands. the passion isn't there for me yet to know every detail of a car.

i remember when i was looking for a job, one ad agency almost hired me until they asked me if i know anything about the car. and a little with the client. i didn't get the job unfortunately. and that goes to a research of all info about cars. am i going around the bush here? i hope not.

so i have a link to share with all of you that i also hope would help you. we know that it's not advisable to be all-fancy with stuff about cars like me who doesn't know anything about them yet. with BYD, i found a new type of cars. the electric ones. i heard about electric cars on TV and i was amazed. the link will direct you on their blog and will showcase about the innovation.

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