December 5, 2008

Survivor Philippines: Dibdiban!

Rob and JC returns from the reward they had at another island. they sure had a nice time and Rob almost felt it was a date unless JC is a girl. LOL

the castaways are taken back in time as the previous challenges are tied up for the next immunity challenge. the huge wooden ball, exotic food and Thai calendar tested again the 4's physical and mental strengths. this challenge was the biggest of them all because it also gives a brand new car.

when they are all digging on the sand to find the cubes of the Thai calendar, Cris destracted Rob and on a negative tone asked Rob how sure he is safe on the next TC.

JC overcome all obstacles outplaying the others. the twist is, between immunity and the car, JC only has to get one and give the other prize for another castaway. thinking that he is safe already, he gave immunity to Rob and got the car instead. Rob poked on Cris' chest as if saying "kainin mo sinabi mo" and Cris just grinned.

magyayabang na naman si Rob mamaya sa TC.

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