November 14, 2008

Survivor Philippines: Spoiler NOT TRUE!

the rumors on who will survive the Top 5 of the biggest reality show on Philippine TV ARE NOT TRUE. i have checked the article on Paolo B. giving his fearless forecast from and checked the recent situation on the show.

on this article, Paolo delivered a spoiler before that "Zita, Niña, Marlon, JC and Vevherly WILL BE the Final Five." and checking the castaways that are still on the game, Vevherly and Niña are out. Vevh is voted off from Naak's last Tribal Council and Niña is forcely eliminated due to her foot's condition.

most of us are looking forward for Marlon's elimination but c'mon, he is the life of the show. probably the MEANEST and MOST EVIL among others but he is able to save his ass from being voted off. for your demonic tactics, GOOD JOB, Marlon.

i'm not campaigning for him to win, buti nga hindi ako pwede bumoto para manalo sya. i don't want him to win either. so good luck to the other remaining castaways

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