November 13, 2008

Survivor Philippines: Pagkain na, Nanakaw pa!

JC grabs back reward from this "sponsored" reward challenge.

Paolo gives them a survey quiz on the personalities of the castaways. and whose name appears most on each question will be the right answer for that query. a person who gets the right answer will be able to cut down the effigy of a fellow tribe member and will soon be out of the game. the winner gets a secret scroll.

Some of the questions and answers were:

Kaninong castaway ang may sama ka ng loob? Answers: Marlon and JC.

Sinong castaway ang nasa loob ang kulo? Rob

Sinong castaway(s) ang nagkukunwari na walang alam sa larong Survivor? Zita and Cris

Sinong castaway(s) ang walang silbi? Kaye

Sinong castaway(s) ang pinakamabaho? Marlon and Vern (ouch)

Sinong castaway(s) ang walang kapag-pag-asang manalo sa Survivor? Marlon (hehe)

Marlon gets burned first, followed by Charisse and for the deciding question between the last two standing (JC and Zita)

Sinong castaway(s) ang pinakapinagkakatiwalaan mo?

Zita answered Kaye, while JC answered Zita - and the correct answer was: Zita

JC wins another secret scroll.

the reward, yet to be revealed until Paolo says to open it. however, he gave them a bunch of food with the secret recipe, MAGGI MAGIC SARAP. yun ang tinatawag na plugging!

heading back to camp, they are all excited to prepare but they didn't eat nor tasted what they had prepared. because Paolo instructed them so. then Paolo arrived and told JC to open the secret scroll to relay to others what it says: bring all food and 3 other tribemates to a resort.

nanlumo ang lahat. sina Kaye, Cris at Rob lang ang sinama ni JC.

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