November 14, 2008

Be a Secret Santa from Delifrance

thanks to cheftonio for sharing this great treat!

Delifrance gives us a very special holiday gift. all you have to do is print this:

and present this to your nearest Delifrance branch and get free Almond Star Cookies (Nov 10-23 2008) or a Chocolate Chip Almond Biscotti (Nov 24 - Dec 7 2008). you can also bring cheer to your friends and loved ones by logging on to and filling in their names to send the coupon to their emails.

i have printed the coupon and redeemed my Almond Star Cookies. this is not only the treat they have for the holidays for when you have this card:

get it stamped at every visit to Delifrance and you're in for another treat once you've completed all 6 boxes!

and we thought we are finished. since we came to the store in a group, the lady from Delifrance wished us to stay for a while and she conducted a little survey or profiling on the store visitors. so we allotted the time for her to do so and we are surprised that she gave us a gift cheque for our cooperation. what we did, we availed it for 6 chocolate mousses worth Php 20 each. that isn't that bad at all. thanks Delifrance!


Be kind to post your insights. Thanks.

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