November 1, 2008

Survivor Philippines: Jace faces his fear

the Hunk and the youngest among the castaways, Reynaldo "Jace" Flores, Jr. got voted off of Devil's Island on the new-born tribe Chalam's Tribal Council. he felt that it is his destiny to win the game and all that will happen are in favor of him and his teammates, Jarakay. but there's a sudden turn of events when his trustworthy, JC, pulled himself and voted Jace instead. the alliance is broken.

Jace's alliance with the remaining Jarakay all voted against Kiko, thus counting 4-6, almost near tie-breaker. but Naak members stick to their plan of eliminating all crocs. and Jace attitude hasn't been very friendly towards both tribes since John left the competition. he has been lazy and thinking of strategies to keep himself in the game.

he's both a Chev and a Nikki inside.

Jace also confirms in Showbiz Central on Nov. 2 that he's in the upcoming soap, Luna Mystica, starring Heart Evangelista and Mark Anthony Fernandez, but that's another story.

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