November 7, 2008

Survivor Philippines: The Cris-cifixion, immunity back to Jarakay

immunity necklace for vern

JC, Rob, Kiko and Zita comes back from their immersion and excited (and very confident, you know what i mean) to share their experiences at the other island. Marlon welcomes them home first while Cris and Kaye are drama royalties on the swing pretending not to care much of their return. Zita gives Kaye a sweet treat which she got from the island.

Chalam gets mail from the staff and Marlon figures out that it's a PATATAGAN challenge. Chalam heads to the venue and meets Pao. there they should stay up of the small bahay kubos while stepping on little wood pieces. 1st round is 1" wide, 2nd round 0.75" and last round (and staying there for as long as you can) .5".

Pao offers chips and ice-cold soda for the first to give up and sacrifices immunity. Rob falls and enjoyed the treat and Marlon exclaims at Pao's "brutality." however, he gets down and enjoyed the pasta treat. Kiko, Charisse, Zita, JC, Kaye for fried chicken treat, all fell down leaving Cris and Vern behind. that's within 3 hrs standing up.
three hours and counting...

Cris' moment
Cris tries to discomfort Vern for her to slid a little bit and serve him immunity. Chitae communes with his father, as if Christ to God in Heaven, and said that he will never give up. even more struggling, Cris cries and sweats and later on gives up leaving Vern and winning immunity. everybody comforted Cris and applauding for his determination and close victory. now immunity is back to Jarakay and we'll see the turn of events (or alliances) tonight at Tribal Council with Jace as the first juror.

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  1. wow..survivor fanatic! hehehe! fanatic din ako ng survivor pero hidni nitong survivor philippines...sorry...hehehe

  2. ok lang. kany kanyang preferences yan e


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