November 25, 2008

Survivor Philippines: And Most People Rejoice for his loss

Ang Matabang Waiter, Marlon Carmen, has been successfully voted off the island at the recent Tribal Council making a spot as the 4th juror. before being cast off, he brought up 2 threats to the other Chalam members. a new twist has been revealed by Paolo B. as a new "curse" awaits the castaways. a white pearl to save or disregard a vote to someone whom it is given. Marlon gave it to Charisse, a team mate from Jarakay, which is the only one left against Naak.

Marlon joins Vern and Paolo on the Live Chat later at 2PM so log on to

while returning back to camp, the tribe discovered that the two fires are out. this was one of Marlon's menaces before leaving the island. Charisse, JC and Kaye talked about Vern's moment when introduced as the 3rd juror making a scene in the Tribal Council.

for the reward challenge, Paolo B. became "Lolo Basyong" narrating a legend of Langkawi island of Thailand. it is about a fair maiden that cursed a 7-generation plague to those who prosecuted her of the things she didn't do. blah-blah-blah, you know the story. the goal is to collect 5 necklaces which signify that he/she got the correct answer based on the story. Zita almost got it until Rob got first on the platform. at stake is Php 50k to the loved ones at home.

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