October 27, 2008

eyecare for your pocket

the eye is a very vital organ of your body. even tagged as the "window to your soul." we appreciate physical things, colors, and observe with it. but nowadays, the eye is taking a lot of abuse with the spring of technology. we get eye strains, blurry images, and the worst case scenario happens when we get older. a probability of cataract which can end to blindness.

the right food should be observed always. most people's jobs require to sit in front of the PC or sometimes get exposed under the sun, it provides danger for our eyes. and we should really take care of our eyes and we go spending hundreds up to thousands of cash for an eyewear. we even associate fashion for the eyes to go trendy with others. and according to an article from Chicago Post:
Americans spend $28.7 billion annually on vision products and services, according to the Vision Council of America. Eyeglass frames and lenses make up the largest portion, about $16 billion.

... People can pay more than $1,000 for a pair of glasses, while at least one Internet provider promises a pair for $8. An identical pair of eyeglasses costs from $178 to $390, depending on the optician or optometrist, according to research in seven U.S. cities by Consumers' Checkbook, a consumer information guide.
i say, that's a lot of money! i wonder how our citizens spend for that.

but for a person who needs comfort and care for his eyes, there is an offering from Zenni Optical which would be a great help for customers. they have this wide variety of frames, lenses and additional services for our eyes. and a pair can cost for as low as $8! that would just be less than a thousand bucks for us. the reason for the low priced product is they don't spend on middlemen and advertising and they send the manufactured glasses directly to the customer.

i went to their site and i had more information on choosing the right eyeglasses. there's a wide variety to choose from and they have a pair similar with that of US VP candidate, Sarah Palin, which is "in" in this period of time. i think of considering of ordering a pair, how about you? come on, i think it's cheap, why do you waste money on expensive glasses?

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