October 3, 2008

annoying phone chats

what do you do when your phone rings?

i have been receiving calls from credit card agents, business establishments, etc. and they keep offering me their stuff. if i decline, they would ask for referrals and it will take me minutes for they also ask what's my relation with them, their jobs, the usual thing. i had this kind of impulsiveness especially when it comes to big discounts. i usually accept the offer without thinking if i need it, or do i just want it. so that's how i get a lot listed on my bills. there even comes a time when agents call you feel very comfortable and establish friendship with you.

i also had late calls even at night. that makes me grumpy the following day. i hate those callers that would disturb you in the middle of your sleep, very unfortunate of me to sleep beside the telephone. they do those annoying sounds as if they want to do something very sexy. how i wish that we have caller ID and report them to the police.

if you want to report such incident, please visit the link below:
Report Who Called You

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