September 25, 2008

Survivor Philippines: Naak starts fire

Naak finally started a fire, credit goes to Mama Zita. the others are so excited to taste warm food and then appreciated the blessings they have in contrast of what they taste on the urban life. they had these cooked weeds, something like the alugbati and some rice. they came satisfied.

meanwhile, Jarakay guys are teaming up against the ladies and Jace comes up to Vern on who to take out first on the Tribal Council once they lose the next immunity challenge. hmmm... intentionally losing an immunity challenge just to take one out? they were wishing to take out NiƱa after confronting with Jace and John on a very shallow argument.

tonight's challenge is to wrestle each castaway out of the borders. tambling at sikohan na'to!

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