July 8, 2008


i'm finally taking my first steps to a debt-free life.

in the past two years, i have filed for credit card applications and in a way i'm "thankful" about it after i received them. "THEM" meaning i've got 3 credit cards and first of which is the "ever-reliable" Citibank. others include AIG and Standard Chartered. being able to catch trendy stuff, eating what i want, getting to places i wanted and feeling "rich" with it. but feeling rich i thought was not a good idea. to cut the long story short, i woke up with a lot of debt.

i realized that i should be getting WHAT I NEED, not WHAT I WANT. i'll just have to save up for what i want.

i should have saved the extra money that i leave on the ATM but instead, it came landing on credit card bills, bills and bills. even the bonuses are getting into the payments too. sure thing that i get the perks from these cards and living a cash-less life, but you resort to, again, getting loans to pay the bills which simply spell D-E-B-T.

you'll think that i am living the "life," but i tell you, you don't want to stay up late thinking about debt. you'll stress yourself out and you hide your worries from others ending up debting again. i'm done with the thinking of "kaya yan ni kumpareng VISA at MASTERCARD" when it comes to expenses. they will pass the burdens to you.

last saturday, i received a mail from this credit card company which they say "upgrades" my account. i realized i don't want another burden in my life. i called them up and i wish them to cancel it. that call allowed me to breathe a little air. my reason is, i'm already clearing my name from them and eventually getting debt-free. and the other card which has been tempting me since day 1, i also cancelled it. i even left the other active cards at home so i'll be living within my means. if ever i'll be receiving a call for any of their offers, may i have the guts to say "i am not interested." i'm taking into advice from financial experts and i am reading their books and blogs. having the belief that i will soon be out of debt. may God bless me.

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