July 15, 2008

on the blog

i can't access my own multiply site, but my fingers are shaking to type in those thoughts coming into my mind. so may i plug this add-on to those who are blog addicts. i have been using this mozilla add-on for about months now and i find this efficient to my blogging passion.

may i introduce to you: ScribeFire.

i was just looking for some add-ons for my mozilla browser until i came across ScribeFire. now i can post on my Blogspot, which by the way cross-posts to my multiply. and i can browse the internet without leaving a draft. uploading pictures is very easy.

if you want to know how this works, please check the link below. i know most of you would take multiply better than adding anything on your PC. but you can still check it out.

too bad you can't post from ScribeFire directly to multiply. but it powers Wordpress, TypePad, LiveJournal, Windows Live Spaces, Performancing, Jeeran, MySpace, Tumblr, Splinder.com, InsaneJournal and Xanga for those of you who have a lot of blogging websites.

ScribeFire - How It Works

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