May 23, 2008

the survivor experience

got up early for this. it is the 2nd day of the manila leg of auditions for Survivor Philippines. also the day of my birthday, i managed to take this day on leave para lang makapag-audition. some people didn't take it seriously when i said i was going. this was also the day for the AI finale so i missed the live airing.

so i packed an extra shirt, my passport and 2 pens but i forgot to pack food and water for my stomach. though i have eaten heavy breakfast, i should have brought some food with me.

got into SM North The Block by around 930AM and the place is already congested. some come in groups, others like me were alone in the site. it would be very hard for you if you just go on alone and be a snob. you don't want to get overtaken in line right so you have to be acquainted with the people in front or at your back to save your post.

so i spent the whole 7 hours calling or texting, observing the line; with every move of the queue is a smile on everyone's faces who are in excitement to get on to the first level of the screening. at last, i and 4 people were in front of the interviewer and gave us this situation:

if you were the last 5 in the island and you store the food for everyone but you discovered that the others are scheming to vote you off on next tribal council, what are you going to do?

i won't disclose my answer here but i passed this test. lol

so i've been very excited telling everybody that i passed the first screening and that i needed more prayers to get to the next level. i was given my number 10382 hoping that this will be my lucky number. now i got more confident in interacting with others. got to know some of them and then we transferred to the food court by 10's. then i thought the organizers were gathering all passers before proceeding with the next part. yun pala umiikot din yung line dun tapos pupunta sa likod ng stage now to convince the judges why you should be considered to be a contestant for Survivor. some say it's the test of "kakapalan ng mukha" kaya naman kinapalan ko na talaga mukha ko, aside na makapal na nga sya talaga. pero sayang hindi ako nakapasa. but it was a worthwhile experience. next time i know what to do. i got to see them next year!

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