May 7, 2008

nherz, eto audition process:

There are 3 rooms that each auditionee will pass through:

  • ROOM1 - PAUTAKAN - It's a 25-items Abstract Reasoning Quiz that you need to answer within 2 minutes.
  • ROOM2 - PAGALINGAN - It's a test of Strength and Endurance with a time duration of 5 to 10 minutes.
  • ROOM3 - PATATAGAN - This is the panel interview ala Tribal Council. Beware for some tricky questions. Time frame: 2 MINUTES!

NOTE: Our informant added that the audition maybe was not comfortable for some. No chairs, tables for them to write in - most of them went on the floor or walls writing.

The auditionees will surely be asked if they have passports already. Better if they have. It might help also if the hopefus have some background about the Survivor show, how the show goes and what kind of challenges and strategies the teams mostly does.

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