May 14, 2008


yesterday while i was listening to Tambalan (of course), the Tuff Payb topic was all about what's being cute on men. nicole had these 5 items on what she finds cute on men.

5. nakakulay pink
i have a pink shirt which was one of my favorites. it was kind of a fleshy color but the thing is, it looks good on me. haha...

4. may bimpo sa likod
i was doing this when i was younger. maybe after a game under the sun, the PE class, or just when the heat is up.

3. may dalang payong
protection anyone? i know the rainy season is on and an umbrella will be handy. just this summer i was not bringing an umbrella but now i'm bringing it again just like i used to.

2. pag may baon
i am always bringing my packed lunch when going to work. no lies to that.

1. pag kasama nya nanay nya or mga kapatid nyang babae.
i've always been close to my mom and to my sister. i also get along well with the girls in the circle.

Ergo: ANG CUTE KO PALA! hahaha... yun na!

reaksyon ng mga magulang pag di nla bet yung BF/GF ng kanilang anak

5. hindi kakain ng dinner/lunch hanggat nandyan c BF/GF
4. kahit matanda na ang anak meron pa ring curfew
3. masyadong matanong or di ka papansinin
2. pag may date ang anak, lagi may chaperon
1. pag tumawag c BF maraming rason para maitago.

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