February 18, 2008

Powerpuff Girls (with a "Z"?)

i was really wondering bakit kelangan pa magkaroon ng remake ang Powerpuff Girls when the japanese can dub it in nihonggo. i saw the remake air on GMA one morning while i was going back to cubao from ortigas. and there were a lot of modifications that you can see on the manga version. at least, the characters were all present. from Professor to the Mayor and Mayor's assistant na hanggang sa japanese version ay hindi makitaan ng mukha. si Mayor ay tumangkad na, si Mojo Jojo ay lumaki ang katawan, nagkaroon ng assistant si Professor and Townsville is well-developed. very inline with the japanese environment. and here's one major change, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup are just regular girls who transform into Powerpuff Girls in times of trouble.

i'm just trying to make the point na sana di-nub na lang ng japanese yung original cartoon. bakit nga naman pala ako affected?

Powerpuff Girls Z airs on GMA 7, 10 AM.

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