October 26, 2007

from HK to Pinas

for a while you wont see me online on multiply or any of my online accounts starting monday, oct.29 to nov. 3, well, i am not online on weekends too so i think this will be effective starting tomorrow. in case you all are wondering, i am bound for hong kong on monday for a work-related activity that i'm sure you will all miss me. (hahaha... asa!) i'm gonna make most out of my stay there for it is my first time to fly overseas good thing that the company shouldered for the expenses. as i keep on saying to those who are close to me, the only thing that i need is a luggage bag. i am so prepared! the clothes, everything. but still i have to double-check if i already got everything i need.

we'll be leaving manila by 8AM. first flight. so i have to get up as early as 3AM (pray for me!) so i can prepare myself and my luggage before i hail a taxi going to makati where all of my companions will assemble.

i dont know what to expect when we arrive in hong kong but i really have to make my stay worthwhile. we'll be staying at Imperial Hotel i suppose but i don't know where the real event is going to take place. i would still be bringing extra money for my own expense aside from the pocket money that they will be proving us. hehehe... WALANG MAGPAPABILI KUNG WALA KAYONG PATAGO! hehehe... just joking. i also don't know how will i buy all the stuff that i want. got to make the best decisions.

im gonna need some of your advise, from those who have been there.
hmmm... so that's all that i'll be saying for now.

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