September 28, 2022

LG partners with WSI to Provide Powerful Display Solutions

To help ensure more businesses have access to reliable, high-quality displays, LG Philippines recently entered into a partnership with Wordtext Systems, Inc. (WSI). The two industry leaders held an intimate event in Joy Nostalg Ortigas to formally commemorate and launch the joint venture.

L-R: Mr. Alex Ulanday - AVP for SG2, Mr. Juan Chua - President of WSI, Mr. Hongjin ‘Peter’ Uhm - LG Philippines Business Solutions Product Director, Mr. Ed Kasunuran - Business Solutions Head and Mr. Ryan Nulud - IT Sales and Marketing Manager give a toast in celebration of the partnership of LG Philippines and Wordtext Systems Inc. (WSI)

LG provides innovative award-winning displays that can cater to any business need, whether corporate or creative. Its popular OLED technology was recently introduced to its line of monitors, providing professional grade picture quality, vivid color reproduction, and an optimized workstation for visual tech professionals.

WSI has been a pillar in IT distribution in the country with over 40 years of experience under their belt. They have an extensive nationwide channel base of over 2000 dealers in 18 key provinces. Their mission is to be the best distributor of IT products in the Philippines to enable its partners and the company to grow together.

LG Business Solutions Head Ed Kasunuran expressed his excitement with the partnership, stating “WSI has over 40 years of experience of providing high quality hardware solutions to their clients and we’re confident that LG monitors will be able to provide nothing but the best to their discerning partners. We look forward to working together in order to support all businesses, no matter how big or small.”
Mr. Ed Kasunuran - LG Philippines Business Solutions Head

WSI President Juan Chua discussed how the new venture was a step in the right direction for the company, saying “Even if we’re the oldest IT distributor company, we’re still very relevant. We’re still innovating. We’re so happy and proud that LG Philippines trusted us as their newest distributor, LG being a leader in innovation and marketing for display technology… It is our business to grow your business.”
Mr. Juan Chua - WSI President

To end the event on a good note, LG Business Solutions Product Director Hongjin Uhm took to the stage for a rousing statement. “WSI has been one of the pillars of the industry here for over 40 years and we couldn’t be happier to partner with them. We hope that together - LG’s innovative monitor technology and WSI’s savvy business solutions, we can rise to the top.”
Mr. Peter Uhm - LG Philippines Business Solutions Product Director

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